Wilho Ross
Born: September 24th, 1911 in Aberdeen, WA
Died: November 3rd, 1967 in Grayland, WA -- Age 56 --
Son of William Ross and Johanna Pirkola
Married to Levena Miller and Ruth Cochenette
Children: Sandra Rockwood (Ross), Linda Rockwood (Ross)

Wilho is in the center, and his mother Hanna is on the right.

Clockwise from the top are Charles, Hanna, Wilho and Sigrid. Taken in 1917.

Wilho and Elmer collecting sand for the cranberry bogs.

Levena and Wilho.



Wilho is on the right, and his sister Sigrid on the left.

On the left is Sigrid, in the middle is Leslie Brandon, and on the right is Wilho.

Wilho, Ruth, Dick Tantare and Connie.