Vera Brown
Born: November 8th, 1921
Died: November 24th, 2013 -- Age 92 --

Daughter of Edgar Poe Brown and Lola Enid Breckenridge
Married to Louis Carter and James Donahoe
Children: Gary Carter, Dennis Carter, Nancy Carter

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Vera, Louis and Shadow.

Vera and Louis. 1990.

Vera, Diana, Nancy, Debbie and Donna. Easter, 1992.

Louis, Vera, Sandra and Dennis. Taken at Tammy's wedding in 1994.

Taken in 1997.

Vera and Louis.

Vera is on the far right, standing next to Louis.

Jill, Tammy, Gary and Vera.

First person in the public swimming pool in Wichita.

Vera and Mel.

Vera and Louis.

Lola, Edgar, Vera and Mel.

Vera and Gary.

Vera and Dennis, 1945.

Nancy and Vera. May 12th, 1990.

Ed, Lola, Vera, Louis and Mel.

Louis and Vera in Seattle.

Vera and Mel.

Dennis, Vera, Louis and Nancy. Taken in 1960.

Vera and Jason Gray.


Gary, Nancy and Dennis are standing. Vera and Louis are sitting.

Michelle, Dennis (holding Greg), and Vera. Taken in 1987.

Vera and Louis. 1991.

Louis and Vera.

Alayna, Vera, Michelle and Sienna.

Nancy, April, Diana and Vera. Taken in 2007.

Vera and Louis.

Louis and Vera. Halloween, I hope.

Taken in 1986.

Vera is on the far right.

Vera and Louis.

Sleeping with RV (the cat)

Three years old in Wichita.

At graduation.

On a date with Louis, the summer before they married.

Vera and Lola.

Social English, North High School in Wichita.

Vera and Gary.

Louis and Vera. Christmas, 1965

Vera and Louis.

At cosmetology school, 1952.

Diana, April, Nancy, Lola, Greg, Michelle, Christopher, Cassandra and Vera.

Mel and Vera.

Vera and Lola. Taken in 1941.

Dennis, Nancy, Gary, Vera and Louis.