Thelma Lucille Bierce
Born: July 16th, 1907
Died: November, 1980 -- Age 73 --
Daughter of James Duncan Bierce and Lillie Mae Porter
Married to James McCann and Stanley Kaminski

Florence, Thelma, Jewel and Opal are standing, Gayle is sitting.

Stanley (Skip) and Thelma.

Thelma's kids. Her son, Jim McCann, is on the right. The other man in the back, Jim Kincaid, is married to one of her daughters. The women are all daughters. The nurse in the back is Margaret McCann. The woman on the left is Josephine.

With a neighbor kid.

Jewel, Lee and Thelma.

Jewel and Thelma


In the back row are Stanley (Skip), Raymond, Ed, Betty and Thelma. In the front are Lavada, Sam and Lee.

Thelma and Stanley (Skip).

Sitting on the couch are Raymond, Sam, Stanley, an unknown kid, John, Cleo, Ed and Thelma. On the floor are an unknown man, Johnny, Lee and Lavada.

Thelma is on the right, one of her daughter's is on the left.

Thelma and Christina April McCann