These are pictures that belong to the Swim and Bierce families, but I either haven't created a page for them, or I don't ever intend to. Some are just places too.

Alberta, Geraldine and Johnny.

One of Betty Swim's sons. One guess as to which kid I'm talking about.

One of Betty Swim's sons.

One of Betty Swim's sons. Friendly looking, huh?

Elizabeth, one of Cleo Myers' daughters.


Another picture of the house in Puyallup being built. Raymond Swim is looking out through the window opening.


Ben Collier.

Betty Swim's sons.

Betty Swim's sons are in there somewhere.

One of Jewel and Ed Bierce's brothers.

One of Leigh Swim's brothers, and his son.

House in Puyallup built by Leigh Swim and Ed Bierce.

Probably Iowa.

Also, probably Iowa.

Bright looking fellow, isn't he?