Robert Amos Rockwood
Born: July 10, 1905 in Anacortes, WA
Died: February 17th, 2000 -- Age 94 --
Son of Robert Edward Rockwood and Effie Belle Weigel
Married to Bernice Lutheria Embree and Hazel Hill
Children: Robert Rockwood, Virginia Rockwood, David Rockwood, Leonard Rockwood, Gloria Rockwood, Barbara Rockwood, Elsie Rockwood, Norma Rockwood, Shirley Rockwood, Kenneth Rockwood

Robert is on the right.

Virginia, Bernice and Robert.

This is after a serious color correction. Gotta love Polaroid, they age so well.

Robert is on the right.

Robert's Obituary.


The famous picture with the bullet hole. His wife Bernice is with him.

This is more how I remember him, except grouchy.