Raymond Leroy Swim
Born: August 1st, 1938 in Creston, IA
Died: November 23rd, 2019 in Enumclaw, WA -- Age 81 --
Son of Leigh Raymond Swim and Jewel Vada Bierce
Married to Virginia Blake, Sandra Sue Rockwood and Frances Anderson
Children: Angela Swim, Brett Swim, Clayton Swim, Danell Swim

Taken in 1972, holding his son Brett.

On the top row are Brett, Raymond and Ed. Sitting down are Eddie, Danell, Angie, Gregory and Clayton.

In the back row are Raymond, Clayton and Brett. In the middle are Julio, Cynthia, Amy and Danell. The two kids are Julio and Cynthia's. Felipa and I can't remember. Taken in 1998.

In the back row are Betty, Cleo, Liz and Raymond. In the middle are Lavada and Johnny. In front are Lee and Sam.

In the back row are Stanley (Skip), Raymond, Ed, Betty and Thelma. In the front are Lavada, Sam and Lee.

Jewel, Raymond and Betty.

Raymond and Fran on their wedding day.

Before his haircut.

In the front row are Lee, Lavada and John Meyers. In the second row are Sam and Elizabeth Meyers. In the third row are Geraldine Meyers, Alberta Meyers and Raymond. In the very back is Betty.

Sam, Raymond and Betty.

Taken in 1958.

Leigh, Sam, Betty and Raymond. Taken in 1941.

Betty, Raymond, Sam, Jewel and Leigh. Taken on Sunday, March 8th, 1942.

Raymond, Sam and Betty.

Virginia and Raymond in Killeen, TX. Taken in 1962.

Danell, Brett, Raymond and Clayton.

Raymond, taken in Enumclaw on October 1st, 2019.

Ray in his office. If you look closely, you can see the man he killed to get it.

Ray, being unusually blurry.



Betty, Raymond, Sam and Ed.

Danell, Clayton, Raymond and Brett at the Grove of the Patriarchs at Mount Rainier National Park.

Cleo, Raymond and Juanita.

Raymond, Ed, Gregory and Eddie are standing, and Angie is sitting.

From the top down are Betty, Raymond, Sam, Lavada and Lee.

Raymond and Juanita.

Sam, Leigh and Raymond.

After his haircut.

From left to right are Betty holding Lee, then Lavada, Sam and Raymond.

Raymond, Sam and Betty. The girl on the right is unknown.

Sam and Raymond.

Betty and Raymond.

Betty, Raymond and Leigh.

Sam, Raymond and Betty.

Raymond and Betty. Taken in the Spring of 1940.

Sitting on the couch are Raymond, Sam, Stanley, an unknown kid, John, Cleo, Ed and Thelma. On the floor are an unknown man, Johnny, Lee and Lavada.

Ray and Eddie.

The boys being held are Raymond and Sam.

Taken somewhere around 2004.

Ray, the instant that he realized he owned a lot of money to someone.