Roy remodel
Apparently I've lost track of the finished pictures of the remodel, although I know they're here somewhere. That's one of the advantages of OCD, you make ten copies of everything. We gutted the house down to the studs in about 80% of the house, then replaced everything. All of the appliances, heaters, water heater, lighting, doors, windows, insulation, roofing, flooring and decking were replaced. In fact, all of the decks were burned and replaced. The main deck in back was rebuilt to a larger 960 square feet. The shop was converted back into a barn. The little shop was thrown on the burn pile and replaced with an outdoor kitchen. Even the floor plan of the house changed. We added 600 square feet of new areas, including a new kitchen. The old kitchen was converted into a formal dining room. The master bedroom, which used to be 132 square feet, was increased to 424 square feet. The master bathroom was 40 square feet, but was enlarged to 225 square feet. A new soaker tub, a tiled shower, water closet with separate sink, and two main area sinks were added. Throughout the house we installed solid oak hardwood, porcelain, and travertine tile. Every bit of labor we did ourselves, with the exception of installing the new garage doors. When we were done we were so appalled by all the luxury, we decided to move to Winlock.

This was taken from the old dining room, looking into the new kitchen.

The new kitchen. The windows look out onto the deck.

The kitchen again, and the door leading to the new wrap-around deck.

This was taken from what was the old master bedroom, looking into what used to be the corner bedroom.

Another view of the master bedroom.

The hall bathroom.

The tiled shower, measuring 6' X 5'.

The new deck.

The outdoor kitchen at night, with the deck lit up behind it.

The newly remodeled barn.


The old kitchen, turned into the new dining room. Looking over the bar, you can see the new kitchen.

Another view of the kitchen.

No more 1970s yellow glass above the stairs in the living room. The crown moulding hasn't been installed in this picture, but you can see it here.

Looking toward the old addition. The room is now 35 feet long.

This is the original addition to the master bedroom, now with it's own private deck.

This is the unfinished soaker tub in the master bathroom.

The downstairs bedroom.

I made part of the deck 8 feet off the ground, and the rest 4 feet. The upper part has a ground-level deck beneath it.

The outdoor kitchen, complete with a sink, countertop, refrigerator and BBQ.