Nancy Kay Carter
Born: February 1st, 1948
Daughter of Louis Carter and Vera Brown
Married to Gary Lee Pilgrim, George Franklin Tietsort Jr and George Fullerton

In the back are Clayton and Tony. In the middle are David, Diana, Doug, Dennis, George, Nancy, Donna, Tony's wife, Jill, Tammy, Bob and Debbie. In the bottom row are Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Katie, Alayna, Holly, Misty, Daniel, Bret and Sienna.

Nancy and George.

Diana, April, Nancy, Lola, Greg, Michelle, Christopher, Cassandra and Vera.

Dennis, Nancy, Gary, Vera and Louis.


In the back are George, Tony, Nancy, Diana and David. In the middle are Clayton, Doug, Tony's wife, Donna, Katie, Debbie, Tammy and Michelle. In front are Dennis, Sandra, Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Holly, Misty, Bob, Daniel, Sienna and Alayna.

Gary, Nancy and Dennis are standing. Vera and Louis are sitting.

Dennis, Vera, Louis and Nancy.