Linda Lou Rockwood
Born: August 23rd, 1948 in Aberdeen, WA
Daughter of Wilho Ross and Bernice Lutheria Embree
Married to James Wayne Boire Jr, John (Jack) M Aiken, Neil Alexander, Howard McCall, Arthur Roland Pyle and Harry Dean Artman
Children: Melinda Boire, Dustin Boire

With her sister Sandra, taken in Kapowsin. Linda is on the left.

From left to right are Sandra, Mary, Corlene, Sheila and Linda.

The four tallest kids are Brenda Fletcher, Linda, Sandra and Corlene. The four shortest are Deloris Fletcher, Laura Fletcher, Carol Cutting and Sharon Fletcher.

Sandra and Linda.

Linda and Sandra.

Linda, Angie, Eddie, Gregory, Ed, Dennis and Clayton.

Bill, Linda and Sandra.

Bill and Linda.

I'm not going to bother pointing out each person, so I'll name the people in it instead. Amy, Angie, Ashley, Bill, Blanche, Brett, Clayton, Corlene, Debra, Dennis, Ed, Eddie, Elsie, Gregory, Leonard, Linda, Norma, Rich, Robert, Sam, Sandra, Shirley, Tammy and Theresa.


With her sister Sandra. Linda is on the right. Taken in Lewiston, ID.

On the top row are Corlene, Sandra and Linda. On the bottom are Bill, Mary and Sheila.

Linda, Corlene and Sandra.

Sandra and Linda.

Angie, Clayton, Linda, Melinda, and Brett, picking cones above Enumclaw.

In the back row are Barbara, Shirley, Norma and Sandra. In the front are Linda, Gloria and Elsie.

BBQ oysters on the front steps. Sounds perfectly normal. Norma, Robert, Bill, Linda and Sandra.

Leonard and Linda.

In the back row are Linda, Norma, Elsie, Sandra, Bill and Corlene. In the front row are Shirley, Leonard and Robert.

Top row: Linda, Norma, Sandra, Billy and Corlene.
Bottom row: Elsie, Shirley, Leonard and Robert.