Lavada May Swim
Born: January 27th, 1943
Died: December 15th, 1994 -- Age 51 --
Daughter of Leigh Raymond Swim and Jewel Vada Bierce

Ed and Lavada.

From the top down are Betty, Raymond, Sam, Lavada and Lee.

Lavada's memorial.

From left to right are Betty holding Lee, then Lavada, Sam and Raymond.

Sam is standing, Lavada is sitting. Taken June, 1958 at Thelma's house.

Lavada and Lee.

Lavada, Sam, Lee and Betty.

Cynthia (age 5) and Lavada.

Lavada with Betty in the background.


In the back row are Betty, Cleo, Liz and Raymond. In the middle are Lavada and Johnny. In front are Lee and Sam.

In the back row are Stanley (Skip), Raymond, Ed, Betty and Thelma. In the front are Lavada, Sam and Lee.

Leigh and Lavada.

In the front row are Lee, Lavada and John Meyers. In the second row are Sam and Elizabeth Meyers. In the third row are Geraldine Meyers, Alberta Meyers and Raymond. In the very back is Betty.

John Meyers, Lavada and Lee.

Sitting on the couch are Raymond, Sam, Stanley, an unknown kid, John, Cleo, Ed and Thelma. On the floor are an unknown man, Johnny, Lee and Lavada.

Cynthia (age 6) and Lavada.

Lavada, Lee and Jerry Lambert (a neighbor)

Her 1958-1959 school picture.

Her 1959-1960 school picture.

Taken in November, 1965.