Elizabeth A. Myers
Born: November 12th, 1939
Died: October 3rd, 1981 -- Age 41 --
Daughter of John William Myers and Cleo Dell Bierce
Married to Thomas Anderson
Children: Thomas Robert Anderson, Kim Anderson, Lynn Ann Anderson, Michael Anthony Anderson, Julie Lee Anderson

Geraldine, John, Cleo, Elizabeth and Alberta.

In the front row are Lee, Lavada and John. In the second row are Sam and Elizabeth. In the third row are Geraldine, Alberta and Raymond. In the very back is Betty.


From left to right are John Myers' sister, Elizabeth, Cleo, Alberta, John Jr., John Myers and Lee. Taken January, 1953.

In the back row are Betty, Cleo, Elizabeth and Raymond. In the middle are Lavada and John. In front are Lee and Sam.