Edward Bradley Rose
Born: May 19th, 1984 at Fairchild AFB, Spokane, WA
Son of Edward Rose and Angela Lynn Swim
Married to Merci

Left to right is Gregory, Ed, Angie and Eddie.

Gregory, Ashley and Eddie.

On the top row are Brett, Raymond and Ed. Sitting down are Eddie, Danell, Angie, Gregory and Clayton.

Gregory, Eddie, Angie and Ed. Taken in 1990.

Ed, Eddie and Angie.

Ed and Eddie enjoying a now defunct beverage.

Angie, Eddie and Ed. August of 1984.

Eddie's first, and probably last, easter. The dog was not impressed.



Linda, Angie, Eddie, Gregory, Ed, Dennis and Clayton.

I'm not going to bother pointing out each person, so I'll name the people in it instead. Amy, Angie, Ashley, Bill, Blanche, Brett, Clayton, Corlene, Debra, Dennis, Ed, Eddie, Elsie, Gregory, Leonard, Linda, Norma, Rich, Robert, Sam, Sandra, Shirley, Tammy and Theresa.

Raymond, Ed, Gregory and Eddie are standing, and Angie is sitting.

Angie and Eddie.

Raymond and Eddie.

Eddie (wearing his father's hat) and Raymond. August of 1984.

Angie and Eddie. Somehow this looks dangerous.

Gregory and Eddie, riding a War Pig in their official initiation to become residents of Lewis County.