Donna Kay Pilgrim
Born: October 22, 1975
Daughter of Nancy Kay Carter and Gary Lee Pilgrim
Married to Brian Ray Haley

In the back are Clayton and Tony. In the middle are David, Diana, Doug, Dennis, George, Nancy, Donna, Tony's wife, Jill, Tammy, Bob and Debbie. In the bottom row are Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Katie, Alayna, Holly, Misty, Daniel, Bret and Sienna.


In the back are George, Tony, Nancy, Diana and David. In the middle are Clayton, Doug, Tony's wife, Donna, Katie, Debbie, Tammy and Michelle. In front are Dennis, Sandra, Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Holly, Misty, Bob, Daniel, Sienna and Alayna.

Taken at the Carter Christmas possibly in 2004. George is on the left, and Donna is on the right. I have no idea whose head is in the middle.