Carlene Rae Lueckemann
Born: February 17th, 1951 in Aberdeen, WA
Daughter of Carl J Lueckemann and Bernice Lutheria Embree
Married to Sam Watkins, Larry Casby and Enos Ellison
Children: Tammy Marie Doane, Joseph Anthony Watkins, Jason Cominick

Bernice and Corlene.

From left to right are Sandra, Mary, Corlene, Sheila and Linda.

Tammy is on the far left, Corlene is taking a picture.

Ashley, Shirley, Norma and Corlene.

Norma, Corlene, Rose and Helen.

In the back row are Linda, Norma, Elsie, Sandra, Bill and Corlene. In the front row are Shirley, Leonard and Robert.

Top row: Linda, Norma, Sandra, Billy and Corlene.
Bottom row: Elsie, Shirley, Leonard and Robert.


At the Puyallup Fair.

Sheila, Mary and Corlene.

On the top row are Corlene, Sandra and Linda. On the bottom are Bill, Mary and Sheila.

Corlene is on the left, Tammy on the right.

Shirley, Norma and Corlene.

I'm not going to bother pointing out each person, so I'll name the people in it instead. Amy, Angie, Ashley, Bill, Blanche, Brett, Clayton, Corlene, Debra, Dennis, Ed, Eddie, Elsie, Gregory, Leonard, Linda, Norma, Rich, Robert, Sam, Sandra, Shirley, Tammy and Theresa.