Cleo Dell Bierce
Born: July 10th, 1915
Died: July 17th, 2006 -- Age 91 --
Daughter of James Duncan Bierce and Lillie Mae Porter
Married to John W Myers

Cleo, Raymond and Juanita.

Sitting on the couch are Raymond, Sam, Stanley, an unknown kid, John, Cleo, Ed and Thelma. On the floor are an unknown man, Johnny, Lee and Lavada.


In the back row are Betty, Cleo, Liz and Raymond. In the middle are Lavada and Johnny. In front are Lee and Sam.

From left to right are an unknown woman, Liz, Cleo, Alberta, Johnny, John and Lee. Taken January, 1953.

Geraldine, Johnny, Cleo, Liz and Alberta.


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