Clayton Lawrence Swim
Born: February 16th, 1977 in Puyallup WA
Son of Raymond Leroy Swim and Sandra Sue Rockwood


Clayton is on the left, Brett in the middle, and Dustin on the right.

Taken in Enumclaw without my permission. The smile was a failed attempt to throw them off-guard.

Dennis, Brett, Sandra and Clayton. For some reason I look a bit evil.

In the back are Misty, Clayton and Michelle. In the front are Dennis and Cindy.

In the back are Clayton and Tony. In the middle are David, Diana, Doug, Dennis, George, Nancy, Donna, Tony's wife, Jill, Tammy, Bob and Debbie. In the bottom row are Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Katie, Alayna, Holly, Misty, Daniel, Bret and Sienna.

In the back are Clayton, Sandra, Bob, Misty and Christina. On the couch are Holly, Dennis, Sienna, Cindy, Stefani and Alayna. In the front are Daniel, Doug, Michelle and Bret.

Gary Remy, Clayton and Dennis.

Danell, Clayton, Brett, Amy and Ashley.

Linda, Angie, Eddie, Gregory, Ed, Dennis and Clayton.

Brett and Clayton.

Danell, Clayton, Raymond and Brett at the Grove of the Patriarchs at Mount Rainier National Park. I swear I learned what fashion was only a week after this photo was taken. Sadly, that's a lie.

Brett and Clayton in Enumclaw.

The girl on the left is a neighbor girl. From the top on the right are Brett, Clayton and Danell.

Danell and Clayton. I forgot how much I hated those socks.

I was thinking hard about what to wish for, but apparently not hard enough.

Danell, Clayton and Brett.

Angie, Dennis, Sandra, Clayton, Danell and Aric at Cindy Webster's memorial in University Place, WA on March 19th, 2016.

Clayton, Danell and Brett at Vera Carter's funeral.

Danell, Brett, Angie and Clayton.

Clayton and Brett, taken in Enumclaw. I still wear that outfit from time to time.

This is before the weekend started, and right before everyone left. Those were a long two days.

Danell, Brett, and Clayton.

Brett and Clayton.

Handsome, aren't I?



On the front porch in Enumclaw. A rare mixture of brains, physical dominance, and modesty.

Angie, Clayton, Linda, Melinda, and Brett, picking cones above Enumclaw.

Dennis, Sienna and Clayton.

In the back are Clayton, Daniel, Misty, Christina and Michelle. In the front are Holly, Dennis, Sienna, Cindy, Stefani and Alayna.

In the back are George, Tony, Nancy, Diana and David. In the middle are Clayton, Doug, Tony's wife, Donna, Katie, Debbie, Tammy and Michelle. In front are Dennis, Sandra, Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Holly, Misty, Bob, Daniel, Sienna and Alayna.

Clayton, Dennis and Jon Bartholomew at a civil war reenactment in Tenino, WA. We won, but I think it was staged.

Ashley and Brett are sitting; and Amy, Danell and Clayton are standing.

Clayton, Gloria and Danell. Rich Weinberger is on the right doing his best Bigfoot impersonation.

I'm not going to bother pointing out each person, so I'll name the people in it instead. Amy, Angie, Ashley, Bill, Blanche, Brett, Clayton, Corlene, Debra, Dennis, Ed, Eddie, Elsie, Gregory, Leonard, Linda, Norma, Rich, Robert, Sam, Sandra, Shirley, Tammy and Theresa.

On the top row are Brett, Raymond and Ed. Sitting down are Eddie, Danell, Angie, Gregory and Clayton.

In the back row are Raymond, Clayton and Brett. In the middle are Julio, Cynthia, Amy and Danell. The two kids are Julio and Cynthia's. Felipa and I can't remember. Taken in 1998.

Sandra, Danell and Clayton in Tonasket, WA. Taken sometime around 1982.

Danell, Brett, Raymond and Clayton.

Clayton, Brett and Danell.

Danell, Clayton and Brett.

Amy, Ashley, Angie, Clayton, Aric and Danell at the Azteca restaurant in Tacoma, WA on March 19th, 2016.

Angie, Dennis, Sandra, Clayton, Danell and Aric.

Danell, Aric, Evan, Andre, Sandra, Dennis, Amy, Brett, Ashley, Angie, Clayton and Ed.

This was taken in 1978 at a family reunion. Well, the family reunion I suppose. I'm the one trying to eat his hand.

Times were tough in those days. When food was scarce, we would steal fir cones from the squirrels and eat them. I guess it never occurred to us that we could just eat the squirrels.

Danell and Clayton at Hurricane Ridge. It was another 35 years before I wore sunglasses again. That's not a joke.

Reading my first World Almanac. If you're one of the countless people that have wondered how I became so smart -- this was the beginning of it. How I also became so humble is another story.