Bernice Lutheria Embree
Born: August 10th, 1912 in Lexington, WA
Died: December 27th, 2005 in Aberdeen, WA -- Age 93 --
Daughter of David Henry Embree and Sarah Jane Vanamburgh
Married to Robert Amos Rockwood, Edward L Bierce and John W Feller
Children: Robert Rockwood, Virginia Rockwood, David Rockwood, Leonard Rockwood, Gloria Rockwood, Barbara Rockwood, Elsie Rockwood, Norma Rockwood, Shirley Rockwood, Kenneth Rockwood, Sandra Rockwood (Ross) , Linda Rockwood (Ross), Corlene Lueckemann, Mary Meier, Sheila Meier, Bill Meier

Bernice is on the right, with her daughter Virginia on the left.

She's on the right, David Embree is on the left. Most likely taken at Grayland.

Bernice is on the left, her husband Robert Rockwood is on the far right, and the ass belongs to John Bowman. Taken in 1939.

She's on the left, and her Grandson Lawrence Patterson is in the middle. Taken in 1966.

The famous bullet hole picture with her husband, Robert A Rockwood.

From left to right are Edward Bierce, Aileen Townsend, Bernice Embree and Reginald Embree. Taken in 1965.

Edward Bierce and Bernice. Taken in 1965.

Edward Bierce and Bernice. Taken in 1965.

Bernice and Corlene.

Sandra, Danell and Bernice.


This was taken at Cohassett Beach

The kid with her might be Robert, her son. Taken in 1939.

Lawrence is the kid on the bottom. Reginald Embree is on the left, his wife Aileen next to him, then Bernice Embree, and her husband Ed Bierce. Taken in 1967.

Bernice and her husband Edward Bierce. Taken in 1965.

From left to right are Reginald Embree, Aileen Townsend, Bernice and Edward Bierce. Taken in 1967.

Reginald Embree and Bernice. Taken in 1965.

From left to right are Norma, Marie Nearhood, Bernice, Nearhood's daughter, Don Nearhood and Shirley.

Ed and Bernice.