Barbara Jane Rockwood
Born: June 19th, 1935 in Westport, WA
Daughter of Robert Amos Rockwood and Bernice Lutheria Embree
Married to Robert Bernard Cutting and Charles Aubrey Steele
Children: Carol Cutting, Cheryl Cutting, Cathyleen Sue Cutting, Christina Cutting, Cynthia Cutting, Brian Henry Cutting, Charlene Audry Steele

From left to right are Virginia, Barbara, Gloria, Elsie and Norma.

On the top row are Gloria, Robert, Virginia and Leonard. On the bottom are Elsie, Norma and Barbara.

Barbara and Bernie Cutting.

In the back row are Barbara, Shirley, Norma and Sandra. In the front are Linda, Gloria and Elsie.

In the back row are Sandra, Bill, Kenneth, Shirley and Elsie. In the front row are Gloria, Barbara, Robert and Norma.


Elsie (left, and Barbara (right).

On the top row are an unknown girl holding an unknown baby, then Virginia. In the middle are Leonard, an unknown boy, Robert, another unknown, and Gloria. The girl on the bottom is Barbara.

Barbara is seated on the left.

Elsie, Shirley, Barbara and Gloria.