Angela Lynn Swim (Rose)
Daughter of Raymond Leroy Swim and Sandra Sue Rockwood
Born: November 9th, 1964 in Puyallup, WA
Married to Edward Rose
Children: Eddie Rose, Gregory Rose


This was taken when she was several years younger.

Angie, Clayton, Linda, Melinda, and Brett, picking cones above Enumclaw.

Linda, Angie, Eddie, Gregory, Ed, Dennis and Clayton.

I'm not going to bother pointing out each person, so I'll name the people in it instead. Amy, Angie, Ashley, Bill, Blanche, Brett, Clayton, Corlene, Debra, Dennis, Ed, Eddie, Elsie, Gregory, Leonard, Linda, Norma, Rich, Robert, Sam, Sandra, Shirley, Tammy and Theresa.

Raymond, Ed, Gregory and Eddie are standing, and Angie is sitting.

Angie and Eddie.

Danell and Angie. Taken in 1984.

Angie, Eddie and Ed. August of 1984.

Amy, Ashley, Angie, Clayton, Aric and Danell at the Azteca restaurant in Tacoma, WA on March 19th, 2016.

Angie, Sandra, Danell, Ashley and Amy at the Azteca restaurant in Tacoma, WA on March 19th, 2016.

Danell, Aric, Evan, Andre, Sandra, Dennis, Amy, Brett, Ashley, Angie, Clayton and Ed.


Typical Winlock family portrait, complete with hillbilly outfits. On the left is Gregory, then Ed, then Angie, and on the far right is Eddie.

Sandra, Angie and Ed.

From the top down are Michelle, Cindy, Angie and Danell.

On the top row are Brett, Raymond and Ed. Sitting down are Eddie, Danell, Angie, Gregory and Clayton.

Gregory, Eddie, Angie and Ed in Enumclaw. Angie has some sort of corded apparatus near her ear. Taken in 1990.

Ed, Eddie and Angie.

Angie and Ed. Taken in 1984.

Angie and Eddie. Somehow this looks dangerous.

Angie, Dennis, Sandra, Clayton, Danell and Aric at Cindy Webster's memorial in University Place, WA on March 19th, 2016.

Angie, Dennis, Sandra, Clayton, Danell and Aric.

Danell, Brett, Angie and Clayton.