Alayna Grace Millburn
Born: August 16th, 2000 in Utah
Daughter of Bret Millburn and Michelle Diane Carter

Taken at Greg Dutson's wedding (her brother).

Third from the left in the back are Dennis, Sandra, then Jean. The bride and groom are Jennifer and Greg. Left of Jennifer, kneeling, is Christopher. Left of him is Cassandra. To the right of Greg are Alayna, Michelle and Bret. The other people apparently crashed the party.

In the back are Clayton and Tony. In the middle are David, Diana, Doug, Dennis, George, Nancy, Donna, Tony's wife, Jill, Tammy, Bob and Debbie. In the bottom row are Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Katie, Alayna, Holly, Misty, Daniel, Bret and Sienna.

In the back are Clayton, Sandra, Bob, Misty and Christina. On the couch are Holly, Dennis, Sienna, Cindy, Stefani and Alayna. In the front are Daniel, Doug, Michelle and Bret.

Sienna, Bret, Michelle and Alayna.


Same wedding.

In the back are Clayton, Daniel, Misty, Christina and Michelle. In the front are Holly, Dennis, Sienna, Cindy, Stefani and Alayna.

In the back are George, Tony, Nancy, Diana and David. In the middle are Clayton, Doug, Tony's wife, Donna, Katie, Debbie, Tammy and Michelle. In front are Dennis, Sandra, Stefani, Cindy, Christina, Holly, Misty, Bob, Daniel, Sienna and Alayna.

Daniel, Sienna, Dennis, Alayna and Holly (standing). Taken in Roy, 2009.